1st Week Home With Baby.

It is no understatement that you should get all the rest you can while you’re pregnant. I wish I would have listened to that key piece of advice. If you are anything like me the first week was a lot of restless days and nights. She had them inverted, during the day she was cool as a cucumber but as soon as night fell the wrath of Luna was unleashed.  That lasted about a week. There was no way to anticipate what the night had in store for us. I was the most paranoid new mom ever, my mom definitely did that to me with her ‘hispanic folk tales’ that had me on edge about every little thing baby would do. I did do my research on all her little quirky ideas and most were just ramblings of someone’s abuelita long ago. That didn’t really stop me from worrying. If anything it just opened the doors to more things that could wrong once I search ‘Folk tales that are actually true’. I have been a victim to my own mind wandering and google definitely helps facilitate that. It was only while she slept that I was afraid, but I had to sleep sometime. All in all that lasted about a month then she started to sleep through the night. Her sleeping more turned me quickly into a very light sleeper, along with that I would stare at her constantly! It felt like I WAS NEVER SLEEPING. I had this constant irrational fear that she was going to stop breathing or that something was wrong with her. I was researching SIDS and regretting not buying the Owlet moniter. I definitely think that I would have had a better night’s sleep with it. Every movement she made had me on edge. The first few days being nervous she wasn’t eating enough especially because all babies lose weight then gain it back during the first two weeks. I tried not to feel discouraged and waited for my milk.  When my milk came in all was well and my baby began her journey to her summer bod.

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