About Us

Hi there, I’m Renne and I am the writer and curator of Mi Vida Bella. Just a crafty, thrifty, new mama sharing her journey with a beautiful moon child on her hip. I started my daughter her Instagram and soon after realized I wanted to share all my new experiences as a mother. Finally Making the move from Oregon to Nevada follow along as you watch our little Luna grow. All things mama’s, babies, and crazies. We have lots to learn on this journey but thankfully we have each other.


To be able to share our special moments all while maybe inspiring creativity and a healthy body and mind in another mama. I’m a sucker for all things baby and pregnancy. My love for thrifty, handmade things began at an early age and has carried on into adulthood. . Along with loving all the healthy pins I have sitting in a folder for someday. This is for me just as much as it is to share with everyone else. Finally a collection of my thoughts, aspirations and failed attempts. Hopefully my reviews and research will help out another wondering mother.