Apple and Carrot purée

I love making Luna her food and knowing exactly what she is eating. I feel safe just knowing that she isn’t getting stuffed full of preservatives. While I wish that she would sit in her Bumbo and patiently wait for her food. It’s a whole process actually with her awake it takes me a good hour and asleep 40 minutes at the most. When she is awake she perfects the art of fake crying and choking to grab my attention. The Apple carrot purée I chose to make for Luna is loaded with vitamins C, A, and E. It will help promote healthy eyes, skin, and regulate her bowl movements. For awhile she was only exploding once every two days and it was making me nervous. Since she began eating the purées she has been regular. There is a good amount of fiber in this recipe. There are no added preservatives like Gerber or the other store bought brands everything can be made from organic fruits and vegetables. I always said I would make all her food and I will continue to. I just love homemade baby food recipes, you know exactly that the food going into your baby’s tummy is healthy. Watching her try new flavors is so funny. She definitely expresses herself. The recipe for this particular purée is very easy. She loved it so much the first time I made more and just doubled the recipe. I took 1 organic gala apple and 2 carrots and boiled them until I could pierce them with a fork. After I tossed them with a half cup of their own water into the blender and puréed it to a nice consistency for Luna. I added a tiny dash of cinnamon and pink Himalayan salt for flavor. I store her food in glass jars for about 3 days then toss them. Make some for your baby and let me know if they enjoy this one as well.


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