Baby product review for 2017, 0-3 months.

You can’t really know what your baby is going to want before they’re born. All babies are different, no two are alike and obviously you’re trying build that stockpile right girl?I love all of my products and yes, I am guilty of looking at the latest baby products and loving them. Mostly because of their sleek minimalistic look that they have to them. I definitely purchased a lot of products that I didn’t even use. EVERYONE told me you alwasy go way too big for your first baby and boy, did I ever. She hated binkies, has never slept in her crib or bassinet. I hardly ever used my wipe warmer only use while she was a newborn because I felt so bad every time that the cold wipes touch her skin. I was so religious with it when she was a new bebe. Now gets her butt wiped by the closest thing around when she explodes. Just teasin’–Same with my diaper genie hardly ever used it ended up just throwing the diapers in the bag in the trash can out back. My favorite products and the links where to purchase them are below. 
That’s what I was all about so I took a chance and went with Tommy Tippee and I’m glad I did.  She absolutely loves them and we’ve never had a problem with them. One time, ONE TIME..I forgot to bring my bottle with me, I know new mom fail. I ended up using a different one and she was just not having it. The release on the nipple was too fast and it said 0 to 3 months…So I was very confused with why she just wasn’t drinking and fighting me so much. I really didn’t think it was gonna be a big deal for her to be drinking out of a different bottle but it made the biggest difference to have our own when we got back to our house. When I was stocking up I went ahead and bought the bottle sterilizer specifically for my bottles. I only have good things to say about Tommee Tippee. We have only ever had good experiences with their products.  
I went with Boon for my bottle warmer and my drying rack. Such convenient items and I also just love their sleek, minimalistic look. I only used my bottle warmer and handful of time personally but when I did it was amazing. Super quick and easy to use with one hand while holding a screaming baby. My mom uses it more than I. I having a boob. She also loves it and always raves about how there was nothing like that all the ‘CRAP’ there is now for mama’s. She definitely renders all these gadgets useless then I walk in on her using them. I am on to you grandma. 
I knew that I needed a Mamaroo long before Luna was born. I had read all the reviews and done my research. I received it in the mail about a week before she was born which was really stressing me out because it was cutting it pretty close. We used it the most when she was first born. She slept in it a lot because the Mamaroo is able to be tilted back or forward and I was also afraid to co-sleep with her so little. For awhile I have been looking into purchasing their playpen. Another one of my ideas that have been circulating for awhile. Have you ladies had good experiences with 4moms products?
I’m completely obsessed with my Moby wrap. My good friend let me use hers and I just fell in love! Luna is such a squirmy wormy but she loves being in her wrap. The other carriers cut into her juicy baby thighs so I don’t really like to use those. I giggle to myself when I see babies passed out in carriers just hanging off of their parents. They look terribly uncomfortable and I knew that we would not be using one like that before we had her. I would very interested in trying the ring slings also. If any of you ladies have used any other sling type carriers please comment below. 
We just are obsessed with our Bumbo! She gets so excited when she sees her chair and knows exactly when it is time to eat! I love it because on top of it being comfortable and safe for her it also has a detachable tray option. I regret not getting it a month sooner but it truly is a must!
 I’m all for trying on new the new products but it’s safe to say that Luna doesn’t care what I buy her she just want to be laying down on a blanket rolling around. If anyone has any great products they are obsessed with please let me know.


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