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Decluttering my life for the New Year.

decluttering and deep cleaning home and life

Deep Cleaning Your Life

After you make it through the holidays, you’ll be ready to detox, declutter, and organize your home. Your post-holiday disaster zone can be a home once again if you take a couple extra minutes as you are putting things away. Before I could truly get into my NEW YEAR, NEW ME mindset I had to deep clean so that I could start this year off on the right note. Having a clean slate, mind, home, and ready to take on 2018 full force…but I couldn’t without DEEP CLEANING my life. Don’t ever underestimate the feeling of getting the best sleep ever with a organized, clean house. The feeling of throwing away all the crap that we don’t use and doesn’t work is so liberating. I had to take a look at all the junk that we have accumulated and ask myself 3 questions. Have I used this in the last 3 months? Would I buy this now? Am I holding onto this so that I can fix it in the future? Ask yourself these questions and get rid of your items based on your answers and when I say dispose of your clutter, I mean either sell it, donate it, recycle it, give it away to friends and family, or throw it away.

Getting Organized

I dragged Juan around all weekend prepping and he was the best sport! We hit Ikea and got organization stuff we needed such as closet organizers, hangers, and tupperware for MEAL PREP! (All links included.) I also got my PLANNERS! I got one at Target and one at Michael’s.  I had to get two so that I can separate personal, gym, and meal prep from the blog. It’s amazing to have everything down on paper and be able to see my goals and what path I need to take to get there. I have never felt more organized and am so happy for everything this year has to offer.  After we hit multiple grocery stores to get our prep stuff for the week and I usually give myself a $100 budget but got everything for $65! Needless to say this Mama was very happy.

5 Minutes A Day Will Keep The Clutter Away

The process of prepping and planning is so exciting and relaxing to me. Feeling organized and deep cleaning is everything. Creating habits to keep a clutter free home has helped me keep it clean with minimal effort. Build the habit of cleaning for five minutes before you go to work and five minutes before you head to bed into your routine. Time yourself. No matter how busy you are, you always have time for five minutes. And you would be amazed at how much you can accomplish in five minutes when you time yourself. Do this every night and you’ll realize that your house doesn’t ever become a disaster. It’s always mostly clutter-free.

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