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Did you feel your water break?

Being a first time, extremely paranoid pregnant woman that I was (with a very, VERY, very paranoid traditional Mexican mother)  I couldn’t help but expect my very own cinematic water breaking experience followed by the rushing and swerving to the hospital. The sad truth is that my water broke in the evening on a sunday and I didn’t even feel it. A light trickle and I had just assumed that my bladder had once again let me down and that kegels were probably something I should’ve taken more seriously. I had already been sent home that morning so I was feeling like a very discouraged baby hippo at 39 weeks 5 days. The following day I was determined to have the baby so I readied myself for a long walk. Not far in I started having contractions, I finish my two mile walk with 10 very strong contractions and fluid leaking. Like  a fool I wait till that evening to go in, I had already been sent home at least 5 times so this time I decide not to take our bags. Just my luck that I when I get there I am informed that I had been in labor for more than 24 hours and I need to be induced immediately with pitocin because Luna was at risk for infection. We got there at 9:00 p.m. by 3 a.m. I was only at a 2 so they raised my pitocin dosage and started having contractions every minute for about 7 hours. I give in and ask for an epidural at 5 a.m. when I’m dilated to a 5….I look at the clock burning through it with my eyes. I’m screaming louder and louder with every contraction that passes. I look at the clock with the sun peaking through the blinds and I’m thinking ” What fresh hell is this?” It is 9 a.m. and no epidural still, they finally come in to check me and I’m at an 8! an 8! My anesthesiologist walks in at 9:55 gives me my epidural I delivered her at 10:03 a.m. Moral of the story— Go to the hospital even if you think you’re annoying your nurses.

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