Getting back into a work out routine post baby.

Getting back into working out after having a baby was one of my main focuses. I missed working out so much my entire pregnancy. Yes, I did workout but very lightly and not consistently at all. I had the predisposition that I was going to have a fit pregnancy. That I was going to get ready constantly and be this glowing princess. NO. I didn’t, if it was food and it was in front of me. I tore it up. I wore leggings and buns for the last 4 months. Irregardless of the lazy baby hippo I had become I could not wait to get back into the gym after being pregnant. The worst part out of the entire pregnancy, labor, and healing definitely was healing after having her. Playing the waiting game seem liked it dragged on for months. I was so anxious to start because I wanted my body back so desperately. Finally, the wait was over. Except I only had gone on and off for the last 3 months maybe in total a month. I laugh at myself, because I had this idea that I was going to take full advantage of having my body back. I honestly just wanted to sleep. I eventually made the first initial effort after having her and I went on a run..then I threw up. I felt amazing and it was terrible. I love to work out and completely spaced that I was going to have to look into certain supplements for me that would not effect Luna and breastfeeding. As of now I am not taking anything and just being all natural when it comes to working out. I finally have gotten into a routine and am happy where I am at. I would personally like to eat a lot healthier and completely cut out bread but let’s not get ahead of ourselves there. Haha The biggest issue when it comes to working out is having to leave this girl that is addicted to the boob!! She is just not the happiest camper when I leave her. It is something I’m truly trying to help her with. I want to find the perfect bottle for her but we just aren’t having any luck. I think we might just take advantage that our gym has daycare and that I’ll be able to pop in between every set. Will I look completely crazy if I take bleach wipes to everything first?


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