The funny thing about blogging is it is mostly having a conversation with yourself until somebody and comments back confirming if they have read it and what they think. Until then it is just floating around in space or in your head and then finally somebody responds to the idea that you had. So here it is every idea that crosses my mind in this new state of motherhood. Learning to enjoy the smallest of moments with my beautiful baby girl. We fall in love with her more and more every single day on this amazing new journey she has joined us for. It’s a big step moving our family but we are all ready for the next chapter! OR—NV

As I was launching this I had to get rid of all self doubt. The amazing feeling of putting all my new experiences with baby and sharing all of my ideas with everyone depending whether or not anyone even reads it you just know that they’re out there and they’re not stuck in my head is the most freeing feeling of all. Most importantly I want to share all of my my new motherly experiences with all of the moms out there because being a mother is the hardest job. It is 24/7 nonstop I cannot believe I ever took it so lightly. Thinking my mom was crazy for being so over protective and taking everything so lightly. To becoming so paranoid and a germaphobe over my baby. I feel bad for her I’m THAT embarrassing mom I dreaded when I was younger!! I feel terrible for giving my parents hell and now I understand why they were so worried. BUT cannot imagine when she is 15! NO THANKS. Mexicans always say “Te las van a pagar a doblé!” Which means you’re gonna get it twice as bad. For my sake I hope not!