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Weight gain during pregnancy

Throughout my entire pregnancy I only gained 15 pounds. I had imagined myself like Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant with North, SHAMU. I had already prepared myself for a huge physical change. I was eating all my cravings but all my cravings were relatively healthy. I was always hungry and was lucky enough to have an amazing support system that would bring or make me food. I will forever be grateful to them for faithfully feeding me everything I wanted for 9 long months. I had the perception that I was huge but in reality I was very fortunate to just be all belly. Right after I had her was the weirdest feeling of emptiness in my stomach, literally. About a week later I was half way back to my pre postpartum weight them soon after I had dropped about 30 pounds in total. Breastfeeding her has been very rewarding for her and I. She is a big healthy baby and I am so grateful that I am able to feed her. It is so important for me to breastfeed her and was nervous I wouldn’t produce milk. (New mom anxiety) All the benefits that baby receives from mom are so important! I wanted my daughter to have the best she could get. I love that while breastfeeding you are just working up an appetite. It’s amazing that now with breastfeeding and working out consistently it’s like I’m doing two a days. Breastfeeding at first was the craziest feeling ever. With your uterus contracting, definitely don’t miss that. When I first had her I went through this weird loss of appetite and only craved ice water and yogurt. After I got my appetite back to fight the urge to not eat the way I did when I was pregnant like a baby hippo. . My taste buds changed so much after being pregnant a lot of the foods that I loved to tear up!! I couldn’t bear to eat. I just felt like I didn’t ever crave anything! Besides ice water. So I began to have to force myself to eat healthy for Luna so that she could be getting all the nutrients she needed from me. Her and I had our difficulties with what I was eating would make her sick. For example I couldn’t eat dairy products or broccoli. She would either get super constipated with diary products or explode with broccoli. Breastfeeding has been the most amazing journey. I often find people telling me their opinion on breastfeeding and I honestly could care less. I plan to breastfeed as long as I can for her. It just really grinds my gears that when people who clearly aren’t or haven’t nursed an infant give me their opinion. I’m dedicated to Beginning my journey to the healthiest person I can be for myself and my daughter!I feel like none of the moms that told me how it would feel to be a mother were right. It is much much better.No-one really could have prepared me to be a mother.

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