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Ikea Antilop Highchair Review


Antilop High Chair

How I chose

To be honest I wasn’t going to get a high chair we were just going to add a tray to her bumbo. We then took into consideration how well she does at restaurants feeding herself. After that we decided to begin our search for a highchair. I’ve seen kids in most of the “big brand” high chairs: Eddie Bauer, Graco, and Fisher-Price. While those high chairs are generally not visually pleasing, but have comfortably soft seats, and have layers of removable trays, they all had one thing in common: crevices. I came across the Ikea Antilop HIgh Chair on Instagram and fell in love with the design and PRICE!

Doing My Research

With being a first-time mama who had never had to clean out a high chair, I would have bought any of the popular models and been none the wiser. I was going to buy a $200 highchair but held myself back because when I was pregnant I bought a bunch of expensive crap that I’ve never used! I wasn’t going to fall victim to another trendy baby product that would turn into a coat rack. Immediately I knew I wanted something that was easy and plastic to keep clean because scrubbing dried-on carrot off of decorative wooden joists just isn’t what I’m trying to be doing.

The Antilop High Chair

The Antilop high chair is incredibly easy to assemble. ( I did it with a crying baby in less then 10 minutes.) The four metal legs are easily removed for storage and transporting and the feet have plastic caps to protect the floor. The tray once snapped into place, is easily removed for cleaning. The chair has a 3-point harness and wide leg holes that will fit all the chubby baby thighs. The Antilope high chair is very a sleek, minimalistic, and affordable high chair and is available in two colors: white and navy.

The price: $14.99 for the high chair and $5.00 for the tray!


  • Very easy assembly
  • Minimalistic Appearance
  • No crevices for food to hide in
  • The seat is one solid piece of molded plastic.
  • The plastic is easily washable.
  • The tray has raised edges to prevent spills from leaking on to the floor.
  • The straps are removable for cleaning.
  • This is a very compact highchair, so it is perfect if you do not have a large eating room.
  • At 36” tall (same as the average dining room table), the Antilop is designed to be pulled up to the table if you do not wish to purchase the tray.



  • Lightweight
  • Only 3 point harness not 5 point


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