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I’m BACK and I’m ready to BLOG.


Yes, I’m sure everyone noticed that I wasn’t posting to the site and thought “Well that was short lived!” Sadly, just as I was getting my momentum my laptop broke and I definitely took it in the worst way. I just didn’t write, now here I am after my 3 month break and ready to dive back into blogging full force! It’s annoying to look back and know that everyday I thought about that I was in fact not writing, not even brainstorming. I am excited to come at this again from a different angle and with more information.


I love to share my thoughts with people of substance that will listen and exchange ideas. I have already on my short journey into motherhood connected with so many other women that I never would have. There is a truly overwhelming feeling of happiness coming to us this year!  This new path is hopefully going to lead us down a year of fitness, self growth, and happiness! Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves it’s all about making the decision to change your life. Whether it may be cutting out substances, habits, or people. It’s about knowing when enough has been enough of the mediocrity and being ready to take the first step towards the brightest future for yourself. That’s all I want this year. I want to grow and leave my behind my selfish, immature, and unhealthy ways. My new outlook is basically all about putting my goals out into the world and taking steps everyday to accomplish them. Not letting any EXCUSES hinder my process.

Recently I have embarked on a new healthier lifestyle and because of it I have seen drastic physical and emotional changes! Staying consistent, who knew?! Really does work! So yes, I did put Luna in the gym daycare. No, I still don’t trust those broads but it isn’t personal I don’t trust anyone with Luna. Crazy mom probs, I’m sorry. Thank you guys for reading and I will continue to post daily content about babies, ladies, and crazies.

6 thoughts on “I’m BACK and I’m ready to BLOG.”

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  2. Hello little mama, ( Luna ) and mother bear.

    Thank you for coming back to your natural habitat. I enjoy updates on sweetcheeks, also other mothers probably appreciate your thoughts and experiences!! Remain active, we enjoy you.

    Lots of love, Lunas tia ~ Renes homie.

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