Introducing foods to your 3-6 month old.

Making the transition from just breast-feeding to starting veggies and fruits. It was honestly very easy for us with this big chunky girl. She was just ready to eat anything. I’m so happy that our girl is so willing to try new things and is so excited every time she sees her little green chair. She knows it’s on! It has become a bit of a challenge because she thinks that every time that we are eating it’s time for her to eat also. Sorry girl. I know those tacos look good, but not just yet. Even if she just ate an entire bowl of her food. She doesn’t care! The girly will eat until she passes out sitting at the table. She get so excited when she likes a food. She will look at me and will crunch her fists and shake them after every bite. So far, she’s a fan of everything. The only thing we had a little trouble with we’re zucchinis they came out a little more whole than they should have you know what I mean. I always said I was only going to feed my baby food that I made her and so far I have stuck true to it. I’m so happy that I have forced myself to make the time to make her food. She truly appreciates all the yummies we get in throughout the day. The only store bought food I have allowed her to have are the little biscuits and she just adores them! I’m looking for a new way to store all her food so that I can make it easier to take on the go. At the moment I have a bowl, a spoon, and two bibs in my diaper bag along with the million other things I have shoved in there. (AND an extra spoon for when she throws a fit and throws it onto the very cleans floors of Las Vegas). Do you ladies have any favorite food storage for your diaper bag?

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