Making the most of naptime.

In the beginning every time she slept so would I.I had to sleep I just couldn’t help it. I knew there was so much to do but I couldn’t bring myself to get up and do it. I had no motivation, which obviously contributed to my PPD. The nights were just so long and rough for such a long time it seemed like, only a month. For the first month I felt like I was losing my mind. I was never sleeping, the house was a mess, and the only time that I so was my baby. Being new mom everything was just so crazy house was a chaotic center of madness I felt like. When in reality her and I napped all day and took baths. It’s so strange that while you’re living in the moment you can’t will be perceived tuition for what it is until you look back and realize that it wasn’t that bad. I feel so bad for moms that still at the getting up to feed 4 times a night. Not us, this girl settled into her schedule month 2. She was and is a very easy baby. We sleep a full 8 hours a night with one minor interruption at around 4 a.m. to slip the boob in her mouth and she is out. I’ve read that it’s FROWNED UPON BY MOM BULLIES to breastfeed and sleep. Well BULLIES, I’ve done it and I’d do it again! Not all different parenting is bad parenting, it’s just different. For instance I don’t ever like to leave my daughter alone in a room while she is sleeping since she has began to roll and crawl. It gives me anxiety and makes me nervous. I can’t get anything done with being constantly worried about her falling off the bed. I’d rather have her where I can see her and get all my stuff done in a timely fashion while she sleeps. Accidents can happen in a second and it scares me so much that something could’ve been avoided if I’d been there. I know, it’s a lot I could haves! It just freaks me out and I don’t think I’ll be OK until she can actually talk to me and tell me if she has swallowed and or broken something. Until then I’ll be hovering in losing my marbles. (I can’t believe I thought MY mom was too overprotective.)

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