Teething at 3 months?!

I was constantly bragging to everybody about how good my baby was. Never would I have thought that I would be eating my own words. I loved telling anybody and everybody of the nights of 8 hours of sleep, the snuggles, the naps. Oh the naps! Just like the nothing a switch flipped and out of nowhere she just turned into a purple little minion as soon as she started teething. Two on bottom, one on top. Our doctor was surprised herself! At 3 and a half months, woah!! So naturally I turned to my favorite source for baby information. Pinterest. I am an addict, truly. What is google anymore? Like yes for quick answers, but never for a project, recipe, or anything baby. It has completely revolutionized how I store my ideas. Being the spaz that I am, it was made for crazy broads like myself. I ordered a organic amber teething necklace but until the arrival of the little sucker. We are on our nubby game. She loves the little one with ticklers for her gums. We have tried essential oils, amber teething necklaces, and our personal favorite orajel! We have began  It is heartbreaking to hear her cry with such emotion, she has never cried tears until now. I’m the mom that cries more than the baby, got her ears pierced-I cried. Got her shots- I cried. The nurses came in to let me know that I could take my time to pull it together as my fighter sat with her hand shoved in her mouth cooing at me. One of my first helicopter mom moments of many I might add. I thought my mom was bad. Oh little Luna, you gon’ learn today what an over protective, germaphobic, neurotic mother really is girl!

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