Oh, That’s What Boobs Are For?!

You would think that the most natural thing in the world, wouldn’t be a such scandalous act to some. I swear people look at me as if I’m committing some sort of heinous act! I won’t go and lump everyone together, I mean women don’t stare. If anything they smile at me encouragingly, like yeah girl, you feed your baby! The creepers…usually the men and some women with disapproving stares just amaze me how they don’t even register in their minds that yes, I can see them glaring at my daughter and I like we are life size Big Macs walking around! I do understand glancing over cause woah there’s a boob hidden under there and a baby is eating from it. I breastfeed in public, because for some strange reason she gets hungry when we aren’t home. WHATEVER. But Oh! I see you looking at me with the disgusting look on your face as if the atrocity of me feeding my daughter is going to somehow affect your ability to decide whether or not you want ‘paper or plastic’. I’m feeding my child she’s hungry and guess what!? I’m going to do it right here just like that in public! It’s not even like I’m gonna whip a boob out, I’ve always worn a nursing cover! Just as much as you don’t want to see it! I don’t wanna show you! You smug asses of the world. Continue to act like boobs in bikini being objectified is okay and feeding babies is gross. I just think that if your gonna sit there and stare might as well pull up a chair and by all means please step up and buy a ticket.

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