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Our New Hike Challenge

 Hiking, there is an app for that!

This last weekend we went to Red Rock Canyon for our hike. When we got to the park we were given a map and also had our new app we are using. The app is called AllTrails and it records the distance, pace, and lets you browse through all the trails around you. It has all the information on the trail like difficulty, the weather, and reviews. It is nice to be able to track our progress and essentially have a list to cross off from. You guys know I’m all about lists and being organized! We love it!

Challenge Accepted

As we were entering the park ranger told us there are 26 trails. Immediately I knew I wanted to do all of them! I told Juan that I wanted to take on the whole park by the end of the summer and he was game. We started out with a .75 mile out and back hike to see some petroglyphs then moved to Pine Creek canyon a 5 mile out and back trail. It was pretty easy for us and Luna. She is always so well behaved and just enjoys being outside. People are so astounded when they are around her. I’m like “Yeah I know, she’s perfect.” Really though, she loves it and we only had to stop twice. Once to feed her and once to change her. She doesn’t hold us back at all and I’m so glad we found something we can enjoy as a family that gets us outside.This weekend we are going to go back and we are ready to take on the next one on our list!

Being Prepared for your hike

We packed our picnic and essentials. I made egg and turkey bacon breakfast sandwiches, yogurt parfaits (apples, bananas, and granola), and some Lenny and Larry’s protein cookies in double chocolate. Luna had scrambled eggs and bananas for breakfast. For lunch a purée pack from Trader Joe’s, crackers with grapes and plenty of water. We picked up a first aid kit and sunscreen before we took on any new trails. It is so important to be prepared when heading out with your littles anything can happen and planning ahead is worth it.

Enjoying The Outdoors while Living in the City

I just love getting out with my family and enjoying the fresh air. It is so nice to get out of the city and away from so many people. Not saying the park wasn’t packed because it was stacked with people when we were leaving by noon. We are so lucky to have these beautiful trails right in our reach. It takes us 20 minutes to get to Red Rock from our house which makes hard to make any excuses and easy for us to get out there.


5 thoughts on “Our New Hike Challenge”

  1. Oh, my goodness… I haven’t been hiking in so long and I miss it dearly. I love that you bring your daughter with you–if it’s something you and your hubs love doing together, it’s great to expose her early. And it looks like she loved the great outdoors, too 🙂

  2. How blessed you are to live so close to somewhere so gorgeous and to enjoy it with your beautiful family! What a great challenge for you all to have and a great experience for your (crazy adorable!!) daughter!

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