New Mom Post Birth Care

Getting home from the hospital is very relaxing–but then there’s that moment that switches from relaxing to trapped. Being there with your new baby is exciting and amazing but you begin to crave adult interactions. It’ll eventually take it’s toll if you don’t get that tush off the couch, open the blinds, curl your hair and get out! Even if it’s just to go get a cup of coffee, get your nails done, or go grocery shopping without the baby just to clear your head. Having a great support system really helps especially when they understand that yes, you are now a mother but you are also a woman. As women we need to have a moment to ourselves to just relax and feel pretty! Sometimes I don’t want to feel pretty, S&*% to just feel clean and not smell like dry breast milk and baby pee. To me, relaxing is being showered and sitting in a quiet house on my laptop watching my baby sleep peacefully. THE REALITY, by the time I have a second to sit down…I gotta get right back. All you mama’s know what I’m talking about. Let’s just forget about the days of ‘running to the store real quick’. That is now a hilarious and ridiculous notion. I have come to realize that motherhood is never drinking your coffee hot (the first time), cleaning is hard to do quiet and my showers are my oasis. Sometimes we can feel as if we are on the edge of losing it but it’s important to just take a breath and realize it’s all momentary. After the huge fits and long nights you’ll catch your baby smiling in their sleep or you’ll catch a whiff of their smell and it’s all worth it. Being a mother is truly the most rewarding experience everyday. When she smiles at me I have to physically make myself not cry like a crazy person. She has enriched our lives beyond belief and is an easy peasy girl! If your baby is anything like mine and sleeps through the whole night as of two months. You know what I’m talking about. I’m trying real hard not to jinx myself but I love to brag about my 8 hour nights of sleep. Just wake up to slip a boob in her mouth and change a diapey. My sweet girl is looking out for her mama’s sanity.

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