The dance around PPD.

Post partum depression or post natal depression can affect both the partners and affected more than 3 million women alone last year.Just like everything else is treated with pharmaceuticals, what a surprise! That is some of my keen sarcasm, in my opinion taking medications and breastfeeding or putting anything into your body that is going alter how you feel. YOU DON’T NEED. If I had to choose between breastfeeding my baby and taking medication I’m picking baby all day. You don’t need, there are so many natural ways to treat a depressive state. To me, I was in a funk and took to crafting and thrifting along with spending time decorating for my little moon. Making things for her is so satisfying to see the end project of something I made for her. Everyone likes to dance around the subject of postpartum depression and I especially never thought that I would have it. I didn’t even accept that I had it until it was over and I had realized that I was really bummed out For like 2 months. I wouldn’t leave the house, let alone the room the baby was in. My gaze was fixed on her 24/7 I would just cry and think that something was gonna happen. Just such an irrational fear then one day I just snapped out of it and realized she’s not gonna die I can enjoy her and not cry every moment that I’m with her. It was such a weird time for me not being completely happy, being a very positive person usually. Now I definitely have soft spot for women that are open about postpartum depression because it was such a weird time for me. I was extremely happy about having Luna it was more a fear of losing her at any point. As soon as I came out of what seemed like a cloud or a haze of depression I saw my beautiful daughter and my life for what it truly was. My biggest blessing and I was able to enjoy her.

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