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Weaning baby off the boob?

I find a lot of people telling me to take my daughter off the boob for THEIR convenience!! When does it actually come to the point you have to start thinking about weaning your baby off breastfeeding? We have tried bottles and she hates them! Anytime I decide to pop out without her whether it be work out or work she puts a huge fight up against the bottle. I understand it’s harder for whoever it is watching her other than me. Obviously I can whip the boob out and no tears! When she is being watched she is screaming and crying and just wants the boob. Every time I leave her I try to rush as much as possible because I know she is probably losing it. I will give her some credit she doesn’t always freak out, it really is just sometimes. I feel bad not being able to be there on demand for her but sometimes, especially now living in a big city I’m not just 5 minutes away. I understand that she needs to find a bottle that she likes. I don’t know if it’s just a fit or if I’m gonna have to actually go through every bottle until she gets the right one. Taking her to work with me has not been going so well. I really just can’t get anything done with her. I’ve always hated the idea of taking her to a daycare but I think it’s becoming a reality that I need to face. I am truly terrified of what could happen to her. No one’s gonna watch your kid the way that you do that’s just a fact. I’m such a germaphobe and a hovering mother that I just cannot stomach the idea of leaving her in a germ infested day care!! I know. I know, I sound crazy but that’s how I feel. At least I acknowledge that I sound crazy and I’m not here thinking that everything is good and dandy with the thoughts I have. I’ve heard it all, “she needs to be exposed to germs, it’ll be good for her to interact with other children.” I don’t think so. Not at the moment at least while she is six months old. I completely understand when she is in pre-k. For now I’m going try very hard to keep her by my side and continue breastfeeding as long as my baby wants! I would love your feedback on this topic. Have any of you mama’s used the daycare at your gym? How early did you wean your baby off the boob?

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