New Mom Anxiety

At first I was so nervous I felt that any sudden move or  twitch or anything was going to hurt her. Eventually, I settled into mama bear mode and was dragging this rug rat all over the place with me. After I got over the initial ‘she can’t be exposed to the outside world ever’ phase. I was like my mom, but worse because I had the INTERNET. Google does not leave a lot to the imagination so if you have a question call your pediatrician do not consult your nearest device and start googling away. It DOES NOT make you feel better, only exposes you to the other dangers that lurk out there for our little ones. I am so happy that the newborn stage has passed, she is more alert and aware. Now, at 3 months, she is so active and learning more every day. Something I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself is to not compare her progress to other babies and to not get ahead of myself. I need to let her develop at her own rate. After the initial shock of her being super fragile I moved on and began to bond and be able to spend actual time with her rather than the brief diaper change and feeding in between naps. Waiting as patiently as I can for her to start teething so we can start steamy, yummy, veggies. Do you guys have any favorite ways of making baby food? I do not plan to buy any, strictly all homemade. I know these moments won’t last long so I will enjoy every babble and breastfeeding sesh with my chunky little moon. I’m more in love with her every day that she interacts more! Watching her learn and grow is the single most satisfying thing I have ever experienced.

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